A Day Trip for the Babes

A huge thanks to  Samuel Taylor Photography  for the use of his beautiful photographs throughout this post!

A huge thanks to Samuel Taylor Photography for the use of his beautiful photographs throughout this post!

Hi Boss Babes,

My name is Carmen Bowes, this is my website and blog! Welcome!

I’ve put together a day trip just for you! You’ll be exploring some of my VERY favorite summer spots in North Central WV! An area I have explored every summer since I was a tiny little curly-headed girl running around on the river in Arden, WV. (Arden isn’t included in this post but you should go visit at some point, it is stunning, but I’m desperately bias!)

What is included in this post? Perfect back roads. An easy and breathtaking hike. A diner for lunch. A few small towns. A swimming hole. A waterfall. And an old iron furnace. And that’s just the big stuff, I highly recommend driving slow and making stops often!

The Cheat River

The Cheat River

What to Wear:

Hiking Shoes or Sneakers

Comfy Shorts or Pants

Comfy Lightweight Top

What to Bring:

Cash for the Diner

Swim Suit, Towel, Sandals, & Sunscreen

Cooler with Drinks and Snacks for the Swimming Hole

A camera if you’ve got it!


First things first, THE MAP:

I use Google Maps, they rule. Make sure you plug in your route while you have service in Morgantown, it will hold the map when you don’t have it later on!  Remember, we are getting you off the beaten path! Load up the link below to get on your way!


 Now that we have your map, let’s talk about the destinations!

1.      The Brandonville Pike, County Route 3 & The Aurora Pike, County Route 53

Brandville Aurora Pike Trees.JPG

This is THE scenic route! Tons of pretty fields, mountain views, and old farmhouses! It is paved BUT as with most of poor old Preston County’s roads these days, there are some potholes and some rough sections. Take your time, take in the scenery, and you’ll do just fine!


2. Cathedral State Park


Your first big stop is Cathedral State Park, a lush and magical place full of virgin hemlock trees. There is a network of mellow hiking trails throughout the park, it is the perfect spot for a morning stroll before it gets too hot! I recommend the Cathedral Trail into Giant Hemlock Trail.


3. Lunch at Melanie’s!    

Next up is lunch at Melanie’s Family Restaurant. It is directly across the road from Cathedral so work up an appetite hiking and get ready to be spoiled! The usual diner fair is all amazing, but this place also has incredible soups, order the salad bar and you can eat as much as you want, and homemade bread! Side note: they only take CASH money here, no cards, so hit an ATM before you head out of town!


4. The Cheat Narrows

Cheat Narrows Sunset.JPG

After lunch you have some time in the car to let your food digest before your next stop at the swimming hole on The Cheat Narrows below Rowelsburg, WV. Drive down route 50 back towards Aurora, WV and go until you get to Route 72, take a right and head into the little town of Rowelsburg. Be sure to check out the High Water Mark from the Flood of ’85 in The Curiosity Shoppe’s front window on Main Street. Now mosey on down 72 to the strategically-placed pin on your map. There should be a large parking area with several trails leading to the water. Bring snacks, drinks, and a blanket to sprawl out on and head down the bank to take a dip in the perfect water of the Cheat!


5. Muddy Creek Park

Last but certainly not least, head through Albright on your way back to town and stop at Muddy Creek Park, it boasts a pretty little waterfall and the Virginia Iron Furnace, used for smelting iron in the late 1800s! The parking is a little sneaky so slow down as you’re getting close.

There you have it Babes! A lovely daytrip right out of Morgantown that gets you off the beaten path and into the incredible nature this place has to offer! If you have any questions at all about any of this, feel free to message me on Instagram @seedssuretogrow Thanks for reading and happy travels!!!